Everything Bees

beesMy wife and started keeping bees in 2012.    We had made the decision to do so in July 2011 but could not get bees that late in the season…  Part of my wanting to keep bees was due to my parents having bees while I was a youth… they did not actively work the bees, mostly they had them to pollinate crops.  Our Big Question was,,,,  how to bee (pun intended)   beekeepers without bees?   Big answer,,,,   Learn Everything We Could….Read all the books we could find in the library, inter library loans, and just about wore out the internet.  The next goal was to share with others.

We joined a club in Logan, attended meeting but felt uneasy answering questions as the club members knew we did not yet have bees.    We later joined the Ogden club when it was started,  and since we have started a Beekeeping club in Brigham City, Box Elder County.     With all we have learned it is still a challenge to convert book learning into practical beekeeping solutions.  Sometimes the bees will do exactly what they want, irregardless of how hard we try to get them to do it our way.   Even if they did it our way last year.

    If you have inquiries  about the club or other related questions contact me,   byoung “at” youngbees “dot” com

 honey bucket  When everything works as planned,    after leaving the bees enough  honey to get through the winter,    we can harvest enough pure raw honey  to share with our friends and neighbors.