June Meeting

June 18th was our club meeting,,,  We had a very good discussion, and if we counted correctly we had 22 in attendance,,,  there were no preassigned topics,   we posed questions and had those in attendance supply the answers.  Topics of discussion were:  when to put on honey supers,,,  how to moves bees,  the exceptions to less than 3 feet or more than  3 to 5 miles,,, Queen / honey excluders,,,  Paul and Cherrell brought a frame with a small wax moth problem,,,  while running out of time.  we talked about Varroa Mites, and different ways to control them.. Ernest Harlow discussed  out of pocket expenses as well as time involved to Powdered sugar, or treat with Stratiolaylaps simitus.

Next Month July 16th I’ve  been asked to bring my solar wax melter,   discuss the benefits of  using it to clean up the old bees wax.   Also we will share Bees Wax recipes.

May Meeting

 May meeting will be at Boyd and Beckys place.  What an exciting field trip!
That meeting will require your jacket and hood. Please come prepared so you can share in the learning experience.
Topics are, varroa mite inspection, control and options!  Plus the county bee inspector has been invited.  Troy from Cache Valley Bee Supply will also be there and teach us how to make Salvation Salve…for the bees.  It helps increase the health population of the hive.  Also if anyone would like to bring pictures of their hives to share.

April Meeting

April’s meeting will be brief.  Hoping to see folks there, still!
We will be discussing queen cells, swarm cells and supercedure  cells.  Anyone with knowledge is encouraged to share!
Also bee types, like Italians, Russians and Cornolian bees. Their behaviors,  and how they differ.
Don’t forget there is a list at the Tractor Store with names of those who will get swarms when contacted.  If you can’t go, please call someone who may.  Lets get those bees! 
Remember that  keeping bees in the state requires a Licence…   you can download the application  print it out and get legal.    bee licence

 March Club Meeting

March 19th was our monthly beekeeping meeting.   Topics included:  (all links are in PDF file format.   to return hit your back arrow)


Notes from our Feb, beekeeping club meeting.

Taken By Cherrell Thomas
We had Jason from Harvest Lane Honey attend and share some info on new products, talked about what to do for mite treatment, and he mentioned a product called after bite, for stings! He spoke of a new product they are working with the FDA on.  Its some kind of oxcillic acid vs formic acid.  (You can understand that more than I).
We discussed getting hives ready for spring, checking for heavy boxes and feed if necessary.
Getting equipment ready- paint and seal everything, find that perfect location.
Jim spoke on disinfecting any hive boxes that may be suspect- scrape excess, and quick dip in a solution of 2 qts  vinegar and 1 pint hydrogen peroxide mixed into 5-7 gallons water.  Let dry completely.
Someone touched on switching bottom brood box with top brood box in April. Bees move up by nature.
Also talked about the increase for a cottage license to $50.
Plus we learned that we could (check for accuracy) sell honey to friends and neighbors. A license is NOT required!
Spoke on Future topics:
Building hives, prepping frames, etc Speakers- Jim, Boyd and Andre
Raising Queens- Boyd
Lavender roots, and bee friendly plants- Dan
How to prevent robbing- Eve
Putting info on Facebook, and the website and how to access both- Boyd, Cherrell
And making a community flyer for the Tractor board, with info to the general public on bee swarms and for them to call us! – Cherrell
(So I need a few names and numbers of folks who don’t mind being called for this! So Boyd, if you could get me this info, I will get the flyer done, asap!)